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Rhinoceros Beetle (Bullyland)

Started by bmathison1972, February 14, 2018, 01:19:05 AM

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Walk-around of the rhinoceros beetle, gen. sp. by Bullyland. There are two color forms, the brown one was released in 1994 and the green one in 1995. They are not marketed at the species level (or if they were, I do not have the accompanying paperwork to confirm). One would suspect they represent Oryctes nasicornis (Linnaeus, 1758), given that is 'the' European rhino beetle, but the deeply-grooved elytra are not consistent with that species. Honestly, it looks more like a coprine dung beetle than a dynastine!

The two color forms are the same sculpt; they measure 6.5 cm (not including horn nor appendages), which would make it 1.5:1 if were intended to be O. nasicornis. Despite the abiguity of their identifications, I really like these figures.

Just like with the previously-reviewed house fly, this figure has a 'dollar-store knock-off' (see last image).

On to the pics:

With it's dollar-store counterpart (far right):


In fact theyr'e for sure coprines and not Dynastidae... the shape of pronotum is exactly those of Copris lunaris while the horn could be a match for Copris hispanus, and the shape of both and leg proportion matches with both, but not with Oryctes :-)

Beetle guy

I must agree with Isidro. The body proportions look indeed more like coprines, So do the colours. And O. nasicornis has no toothed cephalic horn.
To beetle or not to beetle.


My original suspicions (above) also suggested a coprine [my original focus in entomology was coprophagous scarabs!]. It does look a lot like a Copris. The accompanying paperwork (which a friend on another forum still has) indicates 'Rhinoceros beetle (Dynastinae)' but the artist was clearly inspired by a Copris., and Bullyland being a German company, C. lunaris or C. hispanus are likely candidates!

Too bad I don't alter figures, one would make a great repaint opportunity to get a new genus in toy form!

Beetle guy

To bad I never saw them for sale over here. Even though being next to germany ;-)
To beetle or not to beetle.