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Firefly (Bullyland)

Started by bmathison1972, February 11, 2018, 02:17:48 AM

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Walk-around of a figure I have been after for a long time, and now thanks to froggie (Beatrice) I now have it: the firefly, Lampyris noctiluca (Linnaeus, 1767) by Bullyland, originally released in 1994. The figure is not marketed at the species level, but given Bullyland is a German company, this probably represents a German species, with L. noctiluca being the best option. This species is the 'common glowworm' of Europe. It has marked sexual dimorphism; males are typically beetle-like with functioning flying wings and fully-developed elytra, but the females are larviform (see last image).

The figure is 7.5 cm (not including appendages, and my figure has broken antennae!), making it roughly 5:1 for an adult male. Because with this species males are only weakly bio-luminescent, the figure does not have well-defined light organs. The eyes are also nicely proportionatly large, as they would be in a species that needs to see well at night! The only perplexing thing is that the elytra are clear. Many of the flying insects that Bullyland put out about the same time as this figure have clear wings, but this being a beetle it should have at least opaque elytra.

On to the pics:

Here is the Bullyland male with a female custom made for me by Jetoar in 2016:


What a great figure. I've always loved lampyrids. Their pronota look like little shelves over their heads.
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Beetle guy

Very nice!! I had no idea these were this big! Thanks for showing with the 4D-Master log for reference!

I would give the elytra just a slight layer of deep redish brown just enough to still let them be transparant.  But hey that's me  :P :P
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