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Butterflies (Land and Sea Collectibles)

Started by bmathison1972, January 18, 2018, 03:05:00 AM

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So, one day on eBay I stumbled upon four small, interesting butterfly figurines (first image, below) by Land and Sea Collectibles. I bought them, and then started snooping around and eventually found their site. On their site, I saw a set of a dozen similar, but looking slightly different, butterflies. I ordered that set to see how they compare (are there multiple series, etc.). Land and Sea offers many 'miniature' animals like these; they are intended to be accessories for 'fairy gardens' (a popular horticultural activity).

When the first set from eBay came, I was very impressed. The four figures were well-detailed and sat upon a small base simulating wood. I am not sure, but the figures might be made of fiberglass? Feels too light to be resin or stonecast. Anyway I was impressed by them, especially since they gave me two new species (identifications are mine) and one species that I only have as a flat magnet figurine. I should point out that the painting on the ventral side is not accurate; it simply mirrors the dorsal side (which is accurate for each species). I can forgive that, given the detail they do possess at a small size.

Clockwise from top left:
1. The danaid eggfly, or mimic, Hypolimnas misippus, a new species for me [Parasarpa (ex: Limenitis) albomaculata also a good match, but I thought the shape of the white macula on the hind wings was a better shape for the former]
2. The gulf fritillary, Agraulis vanillae.
3. The red admiral, Vanessa atalanta.
4. The crimson patch, Chlosyne janais, the other new species

When I received the 12 butterflies from the actual site, I was disappointed. The 12 figures were essentially the same design, but painted differently and with slightly different bases. They remind me more of the previously-reviewed Steel Street butterflies. I took pics of six of them here, the ones I'll retain. They're nothing special but I'll keep at least these six for now. I am not even going to try to put species' names on them; even if they might slightly resemble something legit, I am sure they are all generically painted. Also, figurines in this set seem to be made of a stonecast-like material, not as light and graceful as the first four.

I am curious why there are two sets of such different styles and quality. When the second set, direct from Land and Sea, came, there was a catalog too, but I could not find anything like those first four in it. They must represent a retired set. I hope if the first four represent a larger set, I can find additional species.