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Prosopocoilus giraffa (SEGA big beetles models, Mushiking)

Started by Beetle guy, January 15, 2018, 09:08:40 PM

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Beetle guy

On this Sega figurine line(s)
The SEGA 'big beetles' (note: not an official series name, just to label it) came in blisterpack and some with a plastic strap holding a information card.
Many beetles were produced and sometimes with alternative or altered molds for particular species. The style of the series figurines differs so much that they can hardly be seen as a whole. Most of them were released from 2003 to 2009 and pretty hard to find. I do think to know all of them made by now. I did not keep/collect all, because some were a bit badly made to my opinion, focusing mainly on realistic figurines. The quality of the molds differs in these big beetles. Some look less realistic and/or very bulky, others are just great.

This one was released in a series including five other species: Dorcus alcides, Allomyrina dichotoma, Dynastes hercules (blueish gray), Dynastes satanas and Chalcosoma moellenkampi.

On the beetle
Prosopocoilus giraffa is the world's largest saw-tooth stag beetle with long, sharp mandibles. It is found in a wide range of Asia (India to Indonesia). It is up to 119 millimetres in length. They have a mainly black body colour. There huge mandibles are used for fights with other males and because of the size the beetles can sometimes hardly control them. Is is said to be an agressive species.

On the figurine
A pretty rare find. The release must bin between 2003 and 2009. The figurine depitcs Prosopocoilus giraffa. And considering mandibles and size probably P. giraffa keisukei. This model came strapped to an information card (in Japanese). Some parts of the mould of this figure are used in the P. giraffa from the Sega big flying beetles.
It has less realistic details than the Sega DX version of the same species, except for the legs (Which are a bit bulky in the DX version). It is made out of hard ATBC-PVC, that's different compared to most of  the rest in this series. Mainly these figurines are made from more bendable material. This model is not poseable.

The figurine measures: 113 mm so almost scale 1:1 for a very big male (119 mm is the record known to me).

And the Pic's... I might give it a little paint update.

To beetle or not to beetle.


I don't have this guy, but I have his DX cousin  :). Of the 13 P. giraffa figures I have, 6 are by Sega  :o LOL