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Megasoma elephas (Sega, Mushi King, big flying beetles series)

Started by Beetle guy, January 02, 2018, 07:05:44 PM

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Beetle guy

On this Sega figurine line(s)
The SEGA Flying beetles, the big ones (note: not an official series name, just to label it) came in blisterpack and with a base for display and detachable wings and elytra.
the beetles were produced around 2006-2008, I think. There is no release year on package, figurine, card or display base.

The series included: Megasoma elephas, Megasoma actaeon, Dynastes hercules, Mesotopus tarandus, Prosopocoilus giraffa, Hexarthrius parryi, Odontolabis burmeiseri, Allomyrina dichotoma, Allotopus rosenbergi and Chalcosoma caucasus.

On the beetle
On the beetle
Elephant beetles are black in color but apear yellowish/brown due to a coat of fine microscopic 'hairs'.  The Males have two horns protruding from the head. And two with one bump in the middle from the prothorax. Females have no horns. These horns are mainly used  in competition among males for food and mates and for defending. Elephant beetles are located in southern Mexico, Central America, and in South American rainforests. Male elephant beetles sizes range between 55-135 mm, females size between 50-90 mm.

On the figurine
This model is one  of the biggest in the series. It came in a blisterpackage with a simple card, holding no information on the series or beetle itself. It has a rubber feel to it but very realistic details and colour. The legs are slightly bendable but not all poseable, only the front legs. The head is moveable. The horns on the prothorax are not really realisticly shaped, a little bit to rounded. The elytra can be closed and the wings detached. The base that comes with it for display allows the beetle to be posed in two different ways and has the Japanese name for the beetle on it. From the cephalic horn to the tip of the abdomen it measures: 126 mm, so scale 1:1.

The pics...

compared to the other Sega Megasoma elephas figurines I have.
A: From the Mushi King small beetles series B: From the small 'deluxe' series. These came on a smooth brown plate with the species name on it. C: The big flying luxe model. With moveable legs, head and elytra (wing detachable) It came on a base for dispplay. and D: the Sega big one without wings.

To beetle or not to beetle.