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Encyclopedia of Insects Vol. 3 (F-toys)

Started by bmathison1972, December 02, 2017, 10:50:25 PM

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Review of the set of Encyclopedia of Insects Vol. 3 by F-toys (2007). This is a set I was aware of online, seeing other collectors' posted collections. I did not think I would ever see it again. Beetle Guy alerted me to it on the Japanese Yahoo! auctions, and I was able to secure it with the help of Brett and Emiko! There are six basic figures, plus a 'secret' that is a color variant of the Lamprima adolphinae. Also, there was an opportunity to mail in the packaging and get three color variants of the female of L. adolphinae. Unfortunately, if my translation software is working correctly, that opportunity expired in 2009  >:(. I am curious what species were in the first two volumes...

None of my other F-toys beetle sets date back to 2007. They are really nice. They seem quite delicate (a leg actually broke off in transit, and they were secure within their original packaging!) and there is not the usual mobility of appendages as seen with F-toys current figures. The size variation within the set lead me to believe, and Beetle Guy confirmed, are all 1:1. Also, unlike current F-toys figures, they come with a collector's card with information on the critter. Measurements on the collector's cards confirmed they are all 1:1 as well.

Two of the species are relatively commonly made, the others are not, although none are unique. One or two might have been unique at the time of its original release. There is also more geographic variation seen here than more recent F-toys sets.

On to the figures, in numerical order on the packaging and cards:

1. Lamprima adolphinae.
Not including the color variant and three female options here, I have two other figures of this species. One by DeAgostini (World of Insects Data Book) and Sega (small series, standard).

2. Phalacrognathus muelleri.
This is another that is not commonly made. DeAgostini made a male and a female (secret) for the World of Insects Data Book collection. Other figures are by Cadbury (Yowies - Australian release), XX, and Colorata (Tropical Rain Forest Stag Beetles). If Sega made one, I do not have it yet.

3. Mesotopus tarandus
This is one of the more commonly-made species. I have 10 other figures by 3 manufacturers (OK, 7 of those are Sega variants!).

4. Cyclommatus metallifer
I have nine figures of this genus total, but they represent five species. I only have two others of this particular one, by DeAgostini (World of Insects Data Book) and 4D Master.

5. Allotopus rosenbergi.
This is the other commonly-made species. I have 12 other figures by six manufacturers (and seven are Sega variants).

6. Chrysochroa fulgidissima.
A buprestid is a welcome addition by a company that predominately makes scarabaeoids. I have two other figures of this species, by Yujin (Insects of Japan) and a small, boxed figure by an unknown Japanese manufacturer. There are also two additional species in figure form.

7. SECRET: Lamprima adolphinae (blue variant)
This is merely a color variant of number 1, above (although the head does angle in a different direction).

The complete set, showing size variations (and before I fixed the M. tarandus leg):

Beetle guy

The heads of all are moveable but a bit sticky form the paint most of the time with the F-Toys beetles.
To beetle or not to beetle.


Wow, I think I've never seen any of those before! :o I wouldn't have thought those would all come from F-Toys, I thought their diversity was much smaller...

Beetle guy

These three Lamprima adolphinae females belong to the set as extra obtainable figurines by writting or make a phone call to F-Toys confect.
To beetle or not to beetle.


Quote from: Beetle guy on January 31, 2018, 09:44:39 PM
This three Lamprima adolphinae females belong to the set as extra obtainable figurines by writting or make a phone call to F-Toys confect.

So did you get these in an auction? Or did you call or write? When I bought the set, it said on the boxes the offer was only available until 2009.

I assume you wouldn't let maybe one of them go...LOL

Beetle guy

Got them in Yahoo Auction. More details in the Recent acquisitions section.
Sorry to say I won't let one go. :-[
To beetle or not to beetle.