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Mesotopus tarandus (SEGA Mushi King DX series)

Started by Beetle guy, November 19, 2017, 05:13:43 PM

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Beetle guy

Walk-around Mesotupus tarandus by Sega (Mushi King DX series) which was released in Japan around 2006.

The Sega Mushi King DX series include: Dynastes hercules (yellow (red eyed and revised black eyed version)/grey/dark brown type), Dynastes neptunus, Chalcosoma caucasus (red eyed no revised version), Megasoma gyas, Megasoma acteon, Megasoma mars, Hexarthrius mandibularis (red eyed and revised black eyed version), Dorcus palawanicus, Dorcus alcides, Allomyrina dichotoma (only one with wings in this series. the later revised DX version had no wings!),Procopocoilus giraffa (red eyed and revised black eyed version), Dynastes hyllus and Mesotopus tarandus.

So here is Mesotopus tarandus, the figurine is almost 9,5 cm in lenght (measuring tip mandibles to tip abdomen not measuring the legs).

To beetle or not to beetle.