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Play Vision Beetle Palooza!

Started by Bimmie_James, July 24, 2017, 05:27:38 PM

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I feel like Play Vision loved beetles because out of all their insect figures, beetles get the most variety!  ;D

Latin names, when provided, are from the underside of the figure.

Calosoma scrutator

Anthaxia nitidula

Woodboring beetle

Aphodius fimetarius

Jumnos ruckeri

Chrysochus auratus

Zopherus haldemani

Hister quadrimaculatus

Goliath beetle

Continus nitida

Cassida viridis

Leptinotarsa deomlineata

Mesotopus tarandus

Phalacrognathus muelleri

Fungus beetle

Macrodontia beetle

Podabrus tomentosus

Dicronorrhina derbyana

Eupholus weevil

Cicindela campestris

Photinus pyralis

South African Longhorn beetle

Pyrochroa coccinea


That are wonderful figurines. Are all PV?


Quote from: widukind on July 24, 2017, 05:41:04 PM
That are wonderful figurines. Are all PV?

No, PV only did a set of 8 beetles (I have them reviewed here already, here:, most of these are by XX.

I have to admit I am a specialist on arthropod figures and I am still missing half the XX beetles (Calosoma, Leptinotarsa, Cotinis, Pyrrchroa, Cicindela, Cassida, Chrysochus, 2 versions of Adalia, possibly others...).

In addition to PV and XX, your first (group) photo shows the Melolontha melolontha by Bullyland.