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Butterflies and Moths (Doug Walpus Art Studio)

Started by bmathison1972, May 13, 2017, 01:00:34 AM

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A slight divergence from the usual toys and figures, here I am presenting sets of refrigerator magnets by Doug Walpus Art Studio. Doug is the artist of the individual pieces.

I stumbled upon these on ebay, but they are also available on etsy and, I believe, direct from DWAS. I bought a few sets of butterflies and moths, but after stumbling across more of his work, I realize I only have the tip of the iceberg! In addition, according to sphryna18, he also produced dragonflies.

The models are 1:1 size (this is great news for you who like life-sized figures--you reading that stargatedalek?  ;) ). The bodies are simple and there are no legs nor antennae (could be easily added, if you so desire), but the paint job on the upper side of the wings is exquisite! The underside of the wings are not painted but rather a solid black. I think the wings are a coated thick paper, but I cannot rule-out a plastic-like product. They are fairly durable regardless (but not to be 'played with' like toys). Doug has hand-signed each figure as well!

The ones below were sold in three sets: 1) miscellaneous butterflies, 2) swallowtails, and 3) moths, however from other sets I have seen, they can be variably mixed (I want to go back and get some of his birdwings and morphos!).

The identifications below are of my assigning, but there are a handful in the last images I cannot yet put names on (help, anyone?).
* - new species for me
** - new genus for me!

Plate 1:
1. Heliconius erato chestertonii, red postman*
2. Agraulis vanilla, gulf fritillary**
3. Vanessa atalanta, red admiral
4. Limenitis arthemis, white admiral**
5. Lycaena phlaeas, small copper
6. Colias philodice, clouded sulfur
7. Colias eurytheme, orange sulfur
8. Junonia orithya, blue pansy
9. Polyommatus icarus, common blue
10. Autochthon cellus, golden-banded skipper**
11. Parnassius apollo, mountain Apollo
12. Heliconius charithonia, zebra
13. Heliconius melpomene, postman
14. Heliconius sara, Sara longwing*

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Plate 2:
15. Aglais io, European peacock
16. Vanessa cardui, painted lady
17. Siproeta stelenes, malachite
18. Junonia coenia, common buckeye*
19. Pieris rapae, small white*
20. Colias fieldi*
21. Eurema daira, fairy yellow*
22. Pontia protodice, checkered white**
23. Lycaena cupreus, lustrous copper*
24. Cymothoe excelsa, scalloped red glider*
25. Cercyonis pegala, common wood nymph**
26. Evenus coronata, crowned hairstreak
27. Eurema brigitta, broad-bordered grass yellow
28. Appias nero, orange alabatross
29. Erebia ligea, Arran brown**
30. Plebejus lupini, lupine blue**
31. Plebejus melissa, Melissa blue**

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Plate 3:
32. Papilio ulysses, Ulysses butterfly*
33. Papilio demodocus, citrus swallowtail*
34. Protographium philolaus, dark zebra swallowtail*
35. Protographium marcellus, zebra swallowtail
36. Papilio polyxenes, black swallowtail
37. Papilio cresphontes, giant swallowtail*
38. Papilio demoleus, common lime butterfly*
39. Papilio astyalus, broad-banded swallowtail*

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Plate 4:
40. Papilio glaucus, eastern tiger swallowtail
41. Papilio machaon bairdii, Old World swallowtail* [tentative ID]
42. Papilio troilus, spicebush swallowtail*
43. Papilio palamedes, Palamedes swallowtail*
44. Battus philenor, pipevine swallowtail
45. Papilio glaucus
46. Papilio bianor, Chinese peacock
47. Papilio arcturus, blue peacock

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Plate 5:
48. Papilio blumei, green swallowtail
49. Papilio machaon oregonius, Oregon swallowtail*
50. Papilio homerus, Jamaican giant swallowtail*
51. Chrysiridia rhipheus, Madagascan sunset moth**
52. Citheronia regalis, royal walnut moth
53. Hyalophora euryalus, ceanothus silkmoth*

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Plate 6:
54: Samia cynthia, ailanthus silkmoth
55: Callosamia promethea, Promethea moth (male)**
56: Antheraea polyphemus, Polyphemus moth**
57: Hyalophora cecropia, cecropia moth
58: Callosamia promethea, Promethea moth (female)**
59: Attacus atlas, Atlas moth

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Plate 7:
60: Eochroa trimenii, roseate emperor**
61: Actias luna, luna moth
62: Actais selene, Indian moon moth*
63: Argema mittrei, Madagascan moon moth**
64: Argema mimosae, African moon moth**

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Plate 8: currently unidentified

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These figurines are absolutly amazing. Great catch, big congratulations :)

And for me as specie collector is it also nice to see that you found a lot of new species for your collection :)