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Dolly Varden (Yujin - Freshwater Fishes Series 1, second release Secret)

Started by sbell, February 05, 2017, 09:04:35 PM

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So it's been a while since I had one to add to this series!

This figure is the Japanese Dolly Varden (also known as Miyabeiwana in Japan), Salvelinus malma miyabei, a Secret Figure from the first series. This particular subspecies is a char found in Japan, although Dolly Varden as a species is found in Arctic and Pacific drainages in Russia and North America (there is even a relict population in my home province!) As with many Japanese fish models (though not all) it is widely fished for. Maximum TL of the Dolly Varden is 120cm according to Fishbase, but most references say 60cm or smaller. The figure, like the Char, is about 1:10 scale.

Being a repainted figure, I don't need to go into much detail on the model itself—it is a remade White-spotted Char, although there are some differences in the bend of the figure. This is most likely a manufacturing issue, although it may also have been a purposeful difference created to differentiate the fish. Of course, the paint job is what really distinguishes the two models. In short, the Dolly Varden is an overall green, with light vermiculations on the dorsal surface, a scattering of red and gold spots along the sides, and a bright orange belly (the char is mostly brown, darker on the dorsal and fading to cream on the belly). The Dolly Varden fins are also lighter, with only subtle orange (compared to the dark orange tail of the Char).
But pictures speak louder than words, so:


And the bottom, where it's easy to see the detail that Yujin puts into every side of the models (and can often see the numbers in the photos—that's how we know the Dolly Varden is based on the Char—same number). It's also easy to see how bright red the belly is!

And then some comparisons. Again, while the Dolly Varden was a Secret Special figure, it was not listed or available like some of the others (like the variants of the Arowana or koi, or the albino char or eel that were with the box set). Perhaps it was a special mail-out like the Masou x Char, but not as fancy—and definitely not as expensive (as any of the other specials, honestly)! And the paper didn't help—it was part of the Series I revised, but didn't offer any clues about why the Secret figure existed.

(Dolly Varden on the left, White-spotted Char on the right)


Ah, what a wonderful model, congrats, Sean. :) Even though it may be the slightly altered sculpt of the White-spotted Char the colours on this one are awesome. I once had a Dolly Varden Paper model but must have lost it. :-\