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Forum rules

Started by animaltoyforum, December 06, 2012, 12:11:07 AM

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Forum rules

1. No intentional personal attacks, rudeness, or personal provocation.

2. No profanity, pornography or spam (restrict unsolicited self-promotional content to the Classifieds section).

3. Only one account per person.

4. Respect designated topic areas (categories and threads) and moderator requests.

5. Use basic grammar and punctuation.

6. Excessive off-topic or pointless posts are not allowed.

7. Topics concerning politics and religion are discouraged.

8. Avoid quoting entire posts if they are long and/or contain many images.

A breach of rules 1-3 will result in an immediate ban depending on the particulars. Breach of rules 4-8 will result in a warning or a ban depending on the particulars.

If you read a post that you feel breaks one of the above rules, please report it to the moderators using the report button, do not attempt to moderate it yourself. Alternatively, just PM one of the moderators. Moderators reserve the right to move, edit, or delete posts deemed inappropriate following a breach of forum rules, without warning or notification.


Forum PM statement/rules (introduced 9th April 2018)

Only forum rules 1-3 apply to PMs. This means the PM system can be used for private off topic discussion. PMs that break forum rules 1-3, if flagged to the moderators, will be acted on accordingly.

PMs belong to the sender and recipient. The Dinosaur Toy Forum therefore holds no responsibility for private messages subsequently shared publicly on the forum, or elsewhere. Members use the forum's private message (PM) system at their own risk.


Thank you for your cooperation.