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Hello There!

Started by rosebunny, January 28, 2017, 04:23:46 PM

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Hi! My name is Micah! I stumbled across this site and honestly, I love it already. As someone that's going to college in a year for veterinary technology, it's easy to tell i'm very fond of animals. As a little kid, I had tons of animal toys and sadly (due to peer pressure from my mom since it's too "childish" to have them), sold them and gave them all away. No, I'm back and ready to search for more and collect them once again!

I'm a huge fan of birds, fossas, dinosaurs, and ungulates in general!


Welcome to the Animal Toy Forum, Micah!


Hey Micah, welcome to the Animal Toy Forum!  :D


Welcome to the forum! You may find your interests expand as you see some of the collections here...but fair warning, finding a Fossa figure is pretty difficult (I know of one...) but it is a worthy goal!


Welcome Micah! I am a parasitologist/entomologist so there is a lot of cross-over with the veterinary realm :)


Aah, but birds already are dinosaurs, the best dinosaurs! ;)

Always great to see more people here, it feels like the DTF grows ever larger than the ATF every passing day (not that that's a bad thing [in either regard]).


Welcome to ATF new friend. Fossa could be a good new addition for my collection  ^-^.
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Beetle guy

To beetle or not to beetle.



Welcome Micah!

Am I the only person who still has all their old toys from their childhood? That's a common story I hear - that people got rid of all of them and then have to start over acquiring them all again.
I like turtles.


Nope, you aren't the only one BlueKrono I also have all my toys.