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hydrothermal vent squat lobster (Colorata - Deep Sea Creatures)

Started by bmathison1972, December 24, 2016, 03:08:25 AM

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Walk-around of the hydrothermal vent squat lobster, Shinkaia crosnieri Baba and Williams, 1998 by Colorata, Deep Sea Creatures, No. 08 (2016). This blind, unpigmented decapod is demersal, usually living around hydrothermal vents at a depth of 1200 - 1500 m in the southwest Pacific Ocean.

The figure itself is 25 mm (not including appendages) across its longest part, not accounting for the tail fan curled under the body. I am having a hard time researching the size of the actual animal but from what I can gather it puts the figure at about 1:2 (maybe 1:1 for a small individual). It is a single piece of solid, well-made plastic (as are the other arthropods in the set--no assembly required).

The figure comes with a dark blue-black base simulating rocks and a peg to which you can attach it. The accompanying peg is very long, so it can be cut to the desired length.

This is one of two 'unique' figures in the set (not including plush versions), the other being the Yunohana crab, Gandalfus yunohana. There are two other arthropods in the set (the ever-popular giant deep sea isopod and giant Japanese spider crab), as well as four cephalopods (giant squid, vampire squid, flapjack octopus, nautilus). The figures (at least the arthropods) have the common name, or Colorata, or the number in the series, or any combination thereof, on the bottom, depending on the size of the figure and what all can fit on it. The underside of the corresponding bases also have the common name of the organism and 'Colorata'.
This figure is a MUST for collectors of interesting or unique species, aquatic organisms, or general collectors (or heavily taxonomically-biased collectors like me :) ).

On to the pics!


Awesome! :) And Galtatheoid crabs are so rarely made. Anyways, I think I have to get the entire set.


I was considering getting just the nautilus, but I'm going to need all of them now ;D


Quote from: stargatedalek on December 24, 2016, 03:33:22 PM
I was considering getting just the nautilus, but I'm going to need all of them now ;D

They are all very nice, but other than the two hydrothermal vent crabs none of the species in the set are close to being unique, having all been made multiple times. Even the deep sea isopod; I remember not too long ago there was one, now I have 13 of them (and I don't even have the super realistic life-sized one by Kitan Club!!!)


Really strange species in figure. Thank you again for sharing your images  ^-^.
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