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Spotted Hyena (Yiniao Family Zoo)

Started by postsaurischian, December 13, 2016, 08:04:30 PM

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                                         Yiniao Family Zoo - Most popular African animals No.10 ~ Spotted Hyena



                                                             scale is about 1:22 (length of the model is 6 cm)

                                          compared to Wild Safari Hyena (left) and CollectA Striped Hyena (right):


it is so cool. too bad about the size tho. i dont know why PNSO makes out of scale figures, they are either so BIG or too small. :D


You're right. It's a pity most manufacturers don't do their animals in scale to each other, but in this case it's not so bad, because 1:22 is a common scale a lot of collectors do like.

BTW: I also thought that the smaller sized Animal Zoo series were made by PNSO, but obviously they aren't. There is no PNSO logo to be found - neither on the figure nor on the package. It says Yiniao.


Yay, actually this hyena looks a lot better than I thought! :) Hmm, could it be that Yiniao and PNSO are both lines by the same manufacturer?


Really beautiful figure. I thought that it will be bigger but the detail is wonderful  ^-^.
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Quote from: brontodocus on December 17, 2016, 10:59:27 AM
....... could it be that Yiniao and PNSO are both lines by the same manufacturer?

They definitely have something in common. Yiniao is mentioned on all PNSO figures' packages.
It's just that PNSO isn't mentioned on these 20 modern animals


Don't quote me on this but if I'm correct Yiniao was the first line released by the PNSO, presumably to 'test the waters' in regards to production costs and gauge potential distributions.


I will of course need to track this figure down at some point! Of course, they have absolutely no availability in Canada.