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Starlux, PV, KM, Bullyland Javan Rhinos, Safari,.....

Started by PeGe, November 14, 2016, 08:44:13 PM

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Vanishing wild tiger is gone, same with the hourglass dolphin.
Rare Bullyland Javan Rhino with Calf.

Dear Friends,
maybe you can help me and we can trade for interesting figurines?
N2 Toys (Crocodile hunter Action figurine playsets)
- Aggro the saltwater Crocodile

US Yowies
-Tiger Salamander
-American Crocodile
-prairie chick
-poison frog

Playvisions (PV)
-Prehistoric Amphibians ohne Diplocaulus
-Spotted Salamander
-Timor reef snake
-Kakadu island reef snake
-Burrowing toad
-Corroborree Toad
-King Vulture
-Lemurs<-Esp. AYEAYE
-Forest buffalo

-Giant Day Gecko
-Clouded leopard
-Siberian Ibex
-Boto<-Most wanted!!!
-Common Dolphin
-Rainbow boa
-Eyelash Viper
-Fishers Chamaeleon
KM Big:
-Hawaiian Monk Seal
-Red Wolf
-Striped Dolphin
-African Bullfrog
-Wyoming Toad
-Green salamander
-Douc langur

-Grevy Zebra
-Blainville's Beaked Whale
-Australian cattle dog
-Thorny Devil
-Orang Utan
-Giant Eland
-Giant Eland calf

-Mekong Catfish

From new shark box:
- frilled shark
- cookiecutter shark
- basking shark
- megamouth shark
Fossil fish box
deep sea fish box
freshwater fish box
From bear box:

-sloth bear
-spectacled bear

Mojo Fun
-Komodo Dragon

-Sloth bear
-Barbary Lion(ness)
-Golden pheasant
-striped hyena walking
-spotted hyena eating

Safari ltd.
American wildlife:
-white wolf
Wings of the world:
-snowy owl

Incredible creatures:
-pot-bellied piglet
-Veiled chameleon
-Veiled chamaeleon juvenile
-flying squirrel
-weedy seadragon
-tree boa
-queen triggerfish
-coral snake
-toad lizard
-green snake
-hatching croc
-sidewinder rattler
-water moccasin
-softshell turtle
-sea dragon
-new big-eared bat
-nurse shark
-leopard shark
-new great white
-Bowhead Whale
Monterey bay:
-new edition orca
-red chinese dragon
-prehistoric crocs
-mammal skulls
-cambrian animals
-new lynx

-Reptiles and Amphibians in general
-sperm whale with giant squid

-Alligator turtle
-Tiger cub
(-white lioness with cub)
-border collie
-black scottish terrier
-chartreux cat
-siamese cat

thank you!


Idk if you still have these figures as this topic is wayyy old... but I absolutely LOVE those orcas! I myself am an avid cetacean collector and take interest in your dolphin and whale figures! Might I ask where you got them? I would love to trade but unfortuneately I don't have any figures of worth lol!
Often innactive!
Collector of whale figures galore, and soon-to-be collector of dinosaur figures!


All gone except for some happy kin whales and rhinos


Often innactive!
Collector of whale figures galore, and soon-to-be collector of dinosaur figures!