Veiled Chameleon, adult (Safari Ltd. - Incredible Creatures)

Started by brontodocus, January 03, 2013, 12:39:19 PM

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Walk-around of the Incredible Creatures Veiled Chameleon, Chamaeleo calyptratus Duméril & Duméril, 1851. It's a male but the head crest can get considerably higher, especially in very large males (they are among the largest chameleons, it's one of the few species that can grow to over 60 cm total length). Total length is difficult to measure along the coiled tail but it's approx. 304 mm, snout-vent length is 139 mm, so the scale would be approx. 1:1 - 1:2. The feet on the grasping front limbs are wrong: Two digits point inward, three outward, it should be the other way round instead. It seems the new IC juvenile Veiled Chameleon has correct front feet, though. :)

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I think that this figure is very cool in aspcet but the colors and textures of this are very stranges :-\.
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Admittedly, the colour is not too close to the original (I'm still okay with it). With a more yellowish underside the figure would have looked better. The blue colours on the head crest are a little exaggerated, too.


 :P  :o and so on. Great figure, shame about the error in the arrangement of digits in the forelimbs.


One of I've always thought about getting. :)  I wish they could have done a better job on the butterfly though, to me it looks like it's eating a flower. :-\


Yes, it does... maybe a locust would have been better than a butterfly, too.