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mantis (Jasman Toys)

Started by bmathison1972, October 22, 2016, 05:25:20 PM

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Walk-around of a mantid made by Jasman Toys.

I recently bought (won) this on eBay. I didn't know the brand at the time I bought it and based on its size (23 cm head to abdomen, and 12 cm tall) I thought it might be another Imperial Toys figure. But, under one of the middle legs is Jasman (in cursive) and China (no date, but I am assuming late 1990s).

The figure is hard plastic; the wings are lighter and appear to attach individually (possibly removable--I didn't try). Under the wings there is some ventation, although probably not accurate.

As I said it is very large (see the last image for comparison of other large figures).

By the way, I had to buy two of them, so I have another if anyone wants to trade!

Again, not familiar with this company, so on to the pics.

Safari LTD (Smithsonian Insects)
Safari LTD (Hidden Kingdom)
K&M - Wild Republic (Insects Polybag)


That's an impressive figure with a very respectable size. I did know before about Jasman but surely I was not aware of this mantis figure. The joy of finding something that nobody knows is that it may guide us to something even more fantastic. For instance, as you mentioned it could be an Imperial, I have found your impressive walking stick, another figure that may be the tip of the iceberg. I added this mantis on Toy Animal Wiki, crediting picture as yours, of course. I may use later also the picture of the walking stick but I'll investigate a little before.


Nice figure - and big! :o Of course it has its inaccuracies but I like it. The wings look a little translucent and it's a nice feature that they are individual pieces.

I knew Jasman before for their dinosaur figures - they are sort of hit and miss. However, some have their own charm. I've got a ridiculously inaccurate but very sympathic big Carnotaurus figure from Libraraptor six years ago which has been nicknamed "Mr. Cuddles" by fellow DTF member Horridus (and my kids still refer to it as Mr. Cuddles):


I have recaptured these images for Postimage.