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Adanson's House Spider (Kaiyodo - Sticky Tack Insect Set)

Started by bmathison1972, October 15, 2016, 04:58:10 PM

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Walk-around of Adanson's house spider, Hasarius adansoni (Audouin, 1826) by Kaiyodo, Sticky Tack Insect Set (2016). Hasarius adansoni is circumtropical in distribution, occurring throughout much of the world in warmer climates, including Japan (hence its appearance in a Capsule Q Museum collection). It is an anthropophilic species and often occurs in and around human habitations. The species is sexually-dimorphic and this figure is a male!

This is a unique figure to date (only figure of the species made) and only the third jumping spider (Salticidae) I am familiar with. The others are a large figure by Safari LTD. (Hidden Kingdom Insects) and Cadbury (Yowies-Australian release), neither of which where sold or marketed to represent a specific species.

The figure is 24 mm (without appendages), making it nearly 5:1 for an adult male. It is a solid, well-constructed plastic. The bottom has a plastic receptacle designed to hold 'sticky tack' so the figure can be affixed to vertical surfaces such as walls (as were all figures in the series). This receptacle is removable, easily snapping in and out (I took mine out--see the ventral shot below). The paint job is good, and as previously mentioned, clearly represents a male (females are more solid drab gray-brown, without contrasting abdominal markings). The eye arrangement seems accurate and even the book lungs are sculpted on the bottom.

A must for all animal collectors; spiders are common as generic toys but realistic figures attributable to exact species are not quite as common as one might expect. On to the images:


Wonderful, and a must have for me, too! 8) When it comes to spider figures I'm always worried about if they got the position of the eyes right (because eye position is a key character in identifying spider families). But, hey, it's Kaiyodo, and just as expected they did a good job on the eyes, too.