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I can't find ANY information about this mysterious Schleich figure!

Started by CloudyPillow, September 18, 2016, 10:29:15 PM

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Hello guys,
I'm looking for some information about this fox from Schleich I have:

What is the name of the series? How much is this figure worth?
The only piece of information I have is that, apparently, these figures are very rare and kinda valuable, produced for the italian market as promotional merchandise for WWF.
But, apart from that, I really don't know anything about them, and I'm oblivious to the price a figure like that might command!

Here's some other photos from this mysterious series:

Any help is much appreciated,
thank you in advance for your infinite wisdom 8)


From what I can tell from searching in the web, is that WWF is a charity for animals I'm pretty sure, and Schleich made a series of animal figures both cartoony looking (like yours) and realistic (like what I found on EBay) and those are selling for A LOT, an Orangutan that I found there costs $250.
Hope that helps my friend!  :))  ^-^  ;)  ;D