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Gorilla (Papo - Wild Animals)

Started by brontodocus, January 02, 2013, 07:45:49 PM

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Looking powerful but gentle at the same time, here is the Papo Wild Animals Gorilla - because of its robust build, modestly thick fur, and a forehead that is the same colour as the rest of the body I tentatively identified it as Gorilla beringei graueri (Matschie, 1914), the Eastern Lowland Gorilla. Total height is 80 mm, if the figure would stand fully erect with unflexed knees it would be approx. 105 mm high. But a more realistic standing height with slightly flexed knees would probably be between 95 and 100 mm, so the scale may be approx. 1:16 - 1:18.

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This is one wonderful gorilla figure 8) Thank You for sharing, I think  I must get this one too :D


You're welcome, Ana! :) It's definitely a figure worth getting.


The best figure of gorilla currently  ^-^. Thanks for share.
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Ladies and gentlemen, the eight wonder of the world!! ;D

I finally got this figure. It's everything I expect from Papo. Nice, crisp details, natural pose and lifelike facial expression. I just wished it was a bit larger than it is. Perhaps more gray color on its back to make it a bonafide alpha male silverback!

Best gorilla figure, with the Schleich model in close second place.


This one is sold in the museum where I work.  ^-^ Mainly because our museum mascot is George the Gorilla ( Himmapaan picked up one of these when he visited if I remember correctly.



Didn't Papo release an albino version of this figure, has it been retired or did they release a small number of them?
Don't I take long uploading photos!