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Lots of figures FOR SALE or TRADE

Started by Thylakeane, June 11, 2016, 02:00:03 PM

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Sorry for the double topic!

I have sorted out some figures I want to get rid of. More to come!

- Schleich Deinosuchus, €20
- Schleich Quetzalcoatlus with tag, €8
- Schleich old Quetzalcoatlus, €8
- Schleich Saltasaurus with tags, €20
- Invicta Plesiosaurus, €8
- Starlux Stegosaurus, €8
- Schleich Anhanguera, €8

- Unknown shark, says g?F toys on the bottom, hard to read.
- Bullyland mini Orca
- Free Willy 2 Orca (Luna)
- AAA knock- off Orca
- Schleich Great White shark
- Flipper Pizza Hut dolphin figure
- AAA knock off shark
- Safari Authentics Great White shark
- AAA sea turtle
- Nayab/ Lontic Toucan
- UK Yowies Wallaroo
All for €25

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker by Gunze Sangyo, 1:1 painted model. €20

Scutosaurus vs Inostrancevia, made with air drying clay. €35

I take trades for cetacean figures