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New FAVORITE 2016 Saddled Bichir Walkaround

Started by sbell, May 02, 2016, 02:38:06 AM

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Here I present one of the 4 new Soft Models from Favorite (Kinto) in the Ancient Fishes line. I will present all four--but this one is the most important (to me).

Polypterus endlicheri, the saddled bichir. A large (>60cm) very primitive fish from the rivers of West and central Africa, and a member of my favorite family of fishes OF ALL TIME. Just saying.

They are also very popular in Japan as pet and display animals (hence, this is the third tim this species has been made--Colorata and Kaiyodo are the other 2). They have a wide diversity in colours and patterns, and can be bred in captivity (at least by the Japanese) with some regularity.

The figure itself is about 18cm long, giving a scale of roughly 1:3. I have personally kept bichirs that were larger than this figure; I have one now (different species) that is close in size!

Like the rest of the Ancient Fishes, and other FAVORITE Soft Models, the figure is heavy, and came packaged on a card. There is a base, and the figure has a large hole where the base fits. They are not interchangable between figures. The models can sit/display without them, but the hole is fairly big and, really, it looks better with the stand.


And, for comparison--a 1:3 scale Yujin goldfish (finding a 1:3 human scale is...awkward). I have seen this comparison myself in real life many times. The goldfish (or crayfish, or minnow, or dwarf frogs, or guppies, or shrimp, khuli loaches...) did not last very long...!

If you don't have one, you should get them (the figures...or, if you have the room, a real one)!



Awesome figure of this curious species  ^-^.
My website: Paleo-Creatures
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My favourite figure of this brilliant new series :). Congrats!
I can't wait to see what Favorite is going to offer here in the future.