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New FAVORITE 2016 Arapaima Walkaround

Started by sbell, May 02, 2016, 02:36:23 AM

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Here I present one of the 4 new Soft Models from Favorrite (Kinto) in the Ancient Fishes line.

Arapaima gigas, the Arapaima or Pirarucu. Not just a large fish from the Amazon basin, but among the largest of strictly freshwater fish, at over 3m in length (at one time...)

They are also popular in Japan as figures (I have soooo many...) but this one stands out for more than its size--the colour is great, and of course it is big! Arapaima are not good home-aquarium fish, although they can make impressive public aquaria specimens. They are also, apparently, good eating, and are farmed in South America and south Asia. They can also kill a person if they jump out the water fast enough--like the Arowana, they are bonytongues, but they also have incredibly bony heads, and are basically pure, coiled muscle.

The figure itself is about 18cm long, giving a scale of roughly 1:16.

Like the rest of the Ancient Fishes, and other FAVORITE Soft Models, the figure is heavy, and came packaged on a card. There is a base, and the figure has a large hole where the base fits. They are not interchangable between figures. The models can sit/display without them, but the hole is fairly big and, really, it looks better with the stand.


And for fun, diving Chap Mei ranger with what would be a full grown Arapaima! This is actually kind of scary to imagine...

And for slightly less fun, the same comparison with a Colorata Arapaima, showing what is, probably, about the largest we could expect to see anymore due to hunting and habitat pressures (still big...just not big). Also, notice the very different colour patterns between the companies!

I'm going to keep saying it--everyone needs to get these figures! Also, the ATF needs a specific FAVORITE section


Phantastic! I love the metallic shine. :)


The Arapaima figure is the best figure of this species  :o.
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Quote from: Jetoar on May 06, 2016, 08:46:30 PM
The Arapaima figure is the best figure of this species  :o.

It really is--and given how many times it has been made, that is saying a lot!