Great auk penguin (Pinguinus impennis) - Kaiyodo Penguin 's Lunch 1(secret)

Started by bio-boy, March 21, 2016, 05:58:09 PM

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Kaiyodo bottle cap Penguin 's Lunch 1(2001)
1.Emperor Penguin     
2.Rockhopper Penguin     
3.Adelie Penguin     
4.Little Penguin     
5.Gentoo Penguin     
6.Emperor Penguin     
7.King Penguin     
8.Cape Penguin     
9.Great Auk    (SP) Secret item


The Great Auk was the main reason for me to get the Penguin Lunch Series 1, an impressive figure and so unique.  :) "Great auk penguin" is a bit mistakable, even if the name penguin is derived from this animal the species should better be called by its usual vernacular name "Great auk" to avoid confusion.


It is awesome. I dont know that Kaiyodo made a figure of these species.
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