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Gorilla (CollectA Wildlife)

Started by Ana, December 31, 2012, 12:36:44 PM

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This is CollectA gorilla male figure. Perhaps it's not the best gorilla figure available but it's quite special in my opinion because it seems to represent young male instead of silver back full grown one (like in many other brands). So it may be interesting additions to any apes figures collection :) Some says this figure looks like Western gorilla but CollectA do not describe it in catalog :)


Some close ups on his face, quite interesting one I must say  ::)

And here size comparison with Schleich male gorilla :)


Hehe, it really has a coy and sympathic expression! :) Regarding the identification, that's difficult to say especially for an immature specimen. We can rule out the Mountain Gorilla, but I think it could be either the Eastern Lowland or one ofh the Western Gorillas. Western Lowlands often have a distinctive brown forehead but this is apparently less developped in juveniles (and the brown forehead is often ignored in toy figures).


Oh, thank You for this comment :) And for additional info about gorillas coloration  :D


Cool figure. From my point of view the best figure is Papo gorilla  ^-^.
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