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Marabou (Papo - Wild Animals)

Started by postsaurischian, February 05, 2016, 03:05:46 PM

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                                                               Schleich White stork  -  Papo Marabou stork




I love Marabou Storks, I want one so much! Its a beautiful figure. ;D
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Awesome! 8) So, finally we get to see the first few Papo 2016 releases. Nice to see one of the major companies made a Marabou Stork.


It is really beautiful. I am really enthusiatic that Papo have mede this figure  ^-^.
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I just got this figure. The detail isn't as fine as Safari Ltd and CollectA birds, but it isn't bad, and the species choice is great. :)


Great species choice and figure. I wish brands in general should make more unusual aves species.
Don't I take long uploading photos!