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Mange Mite (GPI Anatomicals)

Started by bmathison1972, February 02, 2016, 12:27:50 AM

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Long time since a walk-around. And since I have been 'itching' to do one, let's start with the mange mite, Sarcoptes scabiei De Geer, 1778 by GPI Anatomicals, Canine Skin Parasites (2013). Since the focus of the set is canine pests, we can infer this represents the subspecies, S. s. canis. The clinical condition in dogs is called mange, where in humans it is called scabies, a highly contagious skin infection.

This is not a toy or a figure but rather a model intended to be displayed in veterinary clinics or used by sellers of veterinary supplies. The set also came with a flea and a tick. This is the second of this species to my knowledge to have been made, the first by Play Visions.
The figure can be placed on a metal pole on the display base (see last image) but sits fine without support.

The mite is large, measuring 95 mm making it 330:1 (this number was calculated on the card that came with the models). The detail is superb, and included cuticular plates and spines. A lot of research went into the designing of this model. The set is expensive but worthwhile to anyone interested in bizarre, cool taxa.


I dindnt know that exist a figure of this species  :o. Thanks for sharing.
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Excellent! 8) I've seen this set of three on ebay and I've always been tempted to get me a set (especially because of the Mange Mite), however the high cost including shipping so far prevented me from doing so. But I'm still tempted, though! :'(


I have recaptured these images for Postimage.