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Fauna Casts 1:40 Parasaurolophus model for sale

Started by Takama, January 19, 2016, 03:42:36 AM

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Well I need space in my house. so i decided to Sell some of my items.   However this one item is so speciel that i decided to make a seperate thread about it.

Its my Faunacasts Parasarolophus tubicen. and due to its rarity, i wish to get a decent profit off of it.

Now Im not sure how high i should sell this for and to be honest, i dont want to let it go cheaply.   I would like to get at least $100 for it plus shipping costs.   I prefer to ship in the states with a payment in the form of a money order. However, if you are in another country i will have you pay my sculptor for my line of Dinosaur models, but there might be a waiting period for me to work up the funds to send it to the country of choice with some insurance.

To see pics, refer to my review of the model on the blog