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Fur Real Friends

Started by stargatedalek, January 12, 2016, 06:02:45 PM

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Oh how the mighty have fallen. I'm sure many of were disappointed (or perhaps relieved, as it allowed us to focus on better figures) that Hasbro dropped the ball so badly on the Jurassic World line, but that isn't the first animal toy line that was once good they ruined with cost cutting and gimmicks. Fur Real Friends as it stands today is a branding I wouldn't want to touch with a ten foot pole, but during my childhood they were producing some of the best 1:1 scale animals, namely birds (which is sort of my area). Needless to say they were must haves at the time. I'm not very sure about the lines early days but around the point I started buying them they began to make lots of resculpts of pre-existing figures, using new external parts and sounds and reusing the same animatronics. Most of these were still pretty good, and even though it would have been nicer to get nice original mechanics, those retools were the last of the good. When they did start making new animatronics regularly the quality dropped immensely, now I can't talk about the play value, but in appearance the quality dropped. Then they brought back a lot of the mechanics I knew for a dinosaur themed line (it was called Kota & Pals IIRC), they weren't very good but I picked up a fair number of them second hand anyway. I still occasionally wander into the horror that is the girls toy aisle to check on them, but alas I think Fur Real Friends of quality are gone for good.

I'll post the ones I have soon, need to gather them all up.


I used to have more than this but between yard sales and little cousins only these favourites remain.

That cat looks so out of place :P