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Barramundi – Adult (Yujin - Freshwater Fishes Series 1, first release)

Started by sbell, January 07, 2016, 02:03:00 AM

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So, with the [ûrl=]Wild Carp figure I recently did as a walkaround[/url/] I mentioned that I had now collected and posted at least one of every fish in the series, but with this one, I kind of hit a grey area on how true that is.

When I did a walkaround for the Lates calcarifer I discovered that I actually had the juvenile figure—in the Second Release of series I, it was a secret figure, so I didn't know that there was a different one!

But in the same lot as the carp, I was surprised to discover that I also received an adult Lates calcarifer!

I won't do a full intro like I did the juvenile (I linked to it if it was missed!) since the figure is exactly the same as the juvenile one, just painted differently to reflect the unstriped adult coloration. I'll just include the photos, and some comparisons.

It is also a First Release version, so the paint is a little rougher, especially around the mouth. Interestingly, the juvenile Lates was not a secret figure in release I (based on photos, the eyes also weren't as deeply red).

Walkaround Pictures:

This is the figure in two parts. The figure number of 13 can be seen—same as the juvenile one:

And to compare with the juvenile paint job—it is subtle, but the 'adult' is clearly painted darker on the dorsal surface, with no striping. And, of course, the eyes aren't red!

Until the next one (just one more variant, and some release & 2 comparisons...!).


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Quote from: Jetoar on January 09, 2016, 03:58:25 PM
It is the first time that I see a figure of this species  ^-^

Kaiyodo has made a few different versions of the species, but they are almost always the juvenile form, with the mottled or striped pattern. It probably looks better as a figure! I myself only have one (but two versions of it!).