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Handmade animal models- open for COMMISSIONS and models for sale!

Started by Thylakeane, December 05, 2015, 04:11:20 PM

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I hope I'm placing this in the right section.....

I have been making animal sculptures for about 6 years now and I feel I've improved enough to start taking commissions. I mainly sculpt animals that are rarely seen in toy form, but ofcourse I take commissions for 'more common' animals too. I use different kinds of clay, one is called marshmallow clay; it is air-drying, VERY light and doesn't break easily. The other is also an air-drying clay, a lot cheaper than the other one but heavyer. However it is also pretty flexible compared to other air drying clays.
A model will cost anywhere between 10 and 60 euros, depending on size and materials used. A schleich/safari sized model will cost about 25-30 euros. They will be painted with acrylics, but I can also send it unpainted (this will cost less ofcourse).

(for more pictures of these models send me a pm)
The whales aren't for sale, but I might make casts in the future.

If interested; let me know!!!! I also take trades for cetacean models and kaiyodo.


Excellent, Thylakeane! :) By the way, I moved this from "customised figures" to "animal art".


So I finally found a way to upload pictures   ;D here are some more models I finished. Only cetaceans for now, sorry!

Stejneger's Beaked Whale female:

Minke Whale

Pantropical Spotted Dolphin

Blue Whale skeleton.

These are all 1:40 scale.