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Watering Hole - 2015 (Schleich Wild Life)

Started by chudzix, November 21, 2015, 08:32:05 PM

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Hi I'm new to this forum, first I want to say Hi to everyone, and how glad I'm to find forum for animal toy lovers. I bought my first Schleich figurines for my daughter when she was 3 years old now I buy them mostly for myself ( i let her play too). I just purchased few days ago Watering Hole scenery pack from Schleich, and I want to share with you  video I made for YouTube. I have over there channel for kids.
I'm quite new when it comes to do Schleich reviews, so if you feel I made something wrong in my review, you can tell me here. 

Here is my review
Thank you


Hello Chudzixs  ^-^. Watering hole is awesome. Thanks for share the video and welcome to ATF new friend  ^-^
My website: Paleo-Creatures
My website's facebook: Paleo-Creatures


Thank you so much for nice welcome! This is my very first forum I sign in, so I was little bit nervous.


Hi Anna, and welcome to the Animal Toy Forum! :) And sorry for being late, I've been quite busy again, recently. It's nice to see an entirely new approach of review here in this section, so thanks for sharing. :) And most of the reviews and walk-arounds have focused exclusively on the animal figures themselves, diorama playsets have been largely neglected so far, so this makes your post even more valuable to us. 8)


Thank you for your kind words. You don't need to apologize for replying late, I understand we all are busy. And Jeotar gave me nice welcome. I'm so happy you liked my video. I just received new diorama the cave set from Schleich, I will do review and post it here next week. I wish I could do video earlier but I'm at college and I have all my finals on Tuesday so I'm studying a lot now. I don't know how to add pictures here. Do I need my own server?
I love animals figurines too but now my dream is to do diorama of African Savanna. It will take me some time to gather everything especially when I saw how much is Schleich Acacia tree.