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Stars non toy barter thread

Started by stargatedalek, October 19, 2015, 07:06:06 PM

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New pictures of many items incoming, a few more second hand items that won't cost much (a Definitely Dinosaurs Kentrosaurus for sure, but I think others), and I'm going to be putting up a lot of Jurassic Park items. I'm not trying to sell any of those off however, I'm putting them up because there are some where if someone is interested in paying top dollar I would gladly accept, and I want to put out there what I have that I would be willing to part with as I know a few of them are quite sought-after.

I have a number of items up for trade/barter, or sale if you would like, along with a list of figures/lines I'm most interested in.
All prices are negotiable, all prices are in USD, and I make bulk deals.

I'm mainly interested in;

Furuta insects Cicada life cycle
Furuta insects grasshopper and mantis
Furuta insects dragonfly life cycle

JP/// compsognathus

CollectA Zebra Shark
CollectA Beishanlong
CollectA Tyrannosaurus corpse
CollectA extinct marine life toob/set
CollectA bearded dragon
CollectA box fish
CollectA Sciurumimus

Papo tarantula
Papo scorpion
Papo leatherback sea turtle
Papo vulture
Papo snapping turtle
Papo red eyed tree frog
Papo Therizinosaurus
Papo Compsognathus

Safari Smithsonian Luna Moth
Safari Smithsonian Blue Morpho

Safari ltd. wild safari ammonite
Safari ltd. Microraptor
Safari ltd. feathered Velociraptor
Safari ltd. Anzu
Safari ltd. Amargasaurus
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures boa constrictor
Safari ltd. leafy sea dragon (not the weedy)
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures collared lizard
Safari ltd. alligator (2017 release)
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures koi
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures corn snake
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures frog fish
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures spiny lobster
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures Maine lobster
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures red eared slider
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures eastern screech owl
Safari ltd. Incredible Creatures flying squirrel
Safari ltd. Macrauchenia
Safari ltd. Rhamphoryncuhs
Safari ltd. red-eyed tree frog
Safari ltd. Luna moth life cycle

Schleich Oviraptor
Schleich Psittacosaurus

Australia Science and Nature giant weta
Australia Science and Nature small kookaburra
Australia Science and Nature large frilled lizard
Australia Science and Nature thorny devil

Walking With Dinosaurs Leaellynasaura
Walking with Dinosaurs Opthalmosaurus

Takara/Yujin crabs and shrimps set (especially mantis shrimp)
Tenori Inko collection birds
RECUR Sea Turtle
Playmobil Blue Footed Booby

Colorata Fossil Fish box
Colorata Reef Fish box
Colorata Birds of Prey box
Colorata River Fish box
Colorata Coconut Crab
Colorata large Quetzalcoatlus
Colorata Dsungaripterus

Favorite Kinto soft model Archelon
Most of the Favorite Kinto large vinyl penguins (sans African Penguin)

AAA cast sea turtles
AAA cast monitor lizards (specifically the smallest and largest ones)
AAA mantis shrimp
most AAA specimen cast figures
Available I have;

Please ask and I can get you more pictures if desired.

Gameboy Advance and colour games $2 each

Lindberg Velociraptor, complete and un-built.
- $3

Great white shark anatomy model and booklet. It's assembled but can easily be taken apart. The clear pectoral fin is missing one of its pegs so it doesn't hold very well, but could easily be glued if desired.
- $15

The frog is slightly damaged but all pieces hold together when assembled.
- $10

All pieces are present but no booklet, organs in picture are not actually assembled just placed inside the clear body.
- $10

Tyrannosaurus is complete and undamaged.
- $15

Wierd N'wild Creatures box set, I have no idea if it's complete or not but what's here is in good condition. Little crosswords and the like are entirely underwhelming, but the main cards are interesting. Extinct animals vary highly in quality but the modern animals all seem to be very well done. I'm willing to split the set up if desired, you can check the wiki for any specific cards you might want:'_Wild_Creatures_Wiki . I can also ship with or without the box, as it's incredibly over sized and would rack up shipping a lot.
- $5 for the complete set
- $0.25 for one large and one small card (if possible I will give you both card sizes for that animal, if not you can have a mismatched pair)

JP/// lunchbox, hinge is damaged but it can be opened and closed like a regular box.
Lost World soundtrack case is in decent but far from mint condition. CD works but has not been used recently.
- $1 for the lunchbox
- $4 for the CD

JP dilophosaurus mask, a lot of general wear and tear but overall decent condition.

Prehistoric Park books, the one on the left is mint and the one on the right is largely mint but is missing its poster and some pages are indented from tracing.
- left one $8 right one $3

Walking With prehistoric Beasts, the jacket is damaged but the hard cover and inside pages are completely mint.
- $25

The Field Guide to Dinosaurs, in mint condition but missing the card figures. Very young reading but the art is amazing.
- $8

Dinotopia James Journey, nearly mint aside from a bit of roughing along the covers edges.
- $10

Spot 50 Dinosaurs, a nice little book but too young for my tastes.
- $3

Mythbusters Science Fair Book #2, AFAIK it wasn't sold as a set with #1. It's near mint.
- $4

Angry Birds National Geographic, near mint condition but again a bit young reading.
- $8

Garfield #14, decent condition.
- $3

Pokémon Annual 2010, as near as I can tell it's mint. Very large and hardcover, anime oriented not games.
- $3



As always my main concern with selling is clearing up space, so enjoy the price cuts! ;D


Added a few items and cut nearly every price on the list! Now that I think of it I hope it's alright to have multiple classifieds threads like this? I figured it made sense to keep it separate from the toy one since they are both rather image heavy.




Everything is going to be half price until next Sunday, and absolutely everything (in both my toy and non-toy sale threads) can be yours for $100.


Huge sale!

I need to make room for a new desk in my own room so I can move my PC and have a proper 3D printing workshop set up in the current home computer office, and that desk needs to go right where I'm storing this stuff! ;)

Everything marked as under $10 is currently $1, and everything marked as under $1 is completely, 100%, no obligation to purchase something else alongside of it, FREE (except shipping, can't be paying to get rid of stuff).

This will last until the end of February (2018, for anyone reading this next year).