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Fish & Cetaceans 2015--advance poll info

Started by sbell, October 12, 2015, 03:45:43 AM

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So I have apparently taken the reins for the 'Best Of' poll for 2015 for the fish & cetaceans.

Below is the list that I have come up wtih so far--can anyone think of any others? Honestly, I do okay wtih the fish, although I may have missed some of the Japanese models; bt I pretty much ignore cetaceans so I might have missed some of those.

Anything people feel shoudl be added? Chime on in! At least, before the poll is created. Whenever that is actually supposed to be (I don't actually know).

Takara TOMY Amazon River Dolphin
Takara TOMY Arapaima
Kaiyodo Sendai Aquarium Commerson's dolphin (rare chase figure)
Kaiyodo Sendai Aquarium Manta Ray
Kaiyodo Sendai Aquarium Snook (=Japanese Lates)
Kaiyodo Sendai Aquarium Finless porpoise
Kaiyodo Sendai Aquarium Pacific White-sided dolphin
Kaiyodo Sendai Aquarium Wolf eel
Kaiyodo Sendai Aquarium Sand Tiger Shark (very rare chase figure)
Kaiyodo Kochi Bryde's Whale
Kaiyodo CapsuleQ 'Invasives' Smallmouth Bass
Kaiyodo Mega Sofubi 1/35 Blue Whale
Schleich Great white shark (sea life set)
Schleich manta ray (sea life set)
Schleich sea horse (sea life set)
CollectA Blacktip Reef shark
CollectA open jaw Great White Shark
Safari WS Nurse shark (technically released very end of 2014, but part of Safari's 'New for 2015')
Safari WS Tiger shark (technically released very end of 2014, but part of Safari's 'New for 2015')
Safari minis Humpback Whales
Safari IC Goliath Grouper
Safari IC Largemouth bass
Bullyland Beluga Whale
Papo Blue Tang surgeonfish
Replica Toy Fish 3" Striped bass
Replica Toy Fish 3" Guadalupe Bass
Replica Toy Fish 3" Adult Alligator Gar
Replica Toy Fish 3" Juvenile Alligator gar
Replica Toy Fish 3" Rainbow Trout
Replica Toy Fish 3" Kern River golden trout
Replica Toy Fish 3" Brook Trout v2
Replica Toy Fish 3" Steelhead trout
Replica Toy Fish 3" Colorado Cutthroat trout
Replica Toy Fish 3" Greenback cutthroat trout
Replica Toy Fish 3" Coho Salmon
Okinawa Miyage Whale shark + diver
Kitan Nature Technicolor Nature of Japan Ayu