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Ratako stylied animal figures from Japan

Started by brettnj, July 21, 2015, 04:28:48 PM

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I just found these today.  They are very cool if you like this sort of thing, and there are more.  There've been none listed on eBay.

Of course I can get them.  Only thing is that I'm waiting to find out if they are plastic/PVC--truly toy figures--or resin.


Hi Brett, and welcome to the Animal Toy Forum! :)
While they are not the kind of animal toys I collect I have to admit that they are super charming. The hippo is my favourite! :D


Hello new friend and welcome to ATF. Cutte animals  ^-^.
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Hey x2.

I actually registered thinking it was a forum to which I already belonged and that there was a glitch with my membership.

I'm going to (check the rules and) find the place where new members introduce themselves and detail my Kaiyodo and other Japanese animal figure contact/service.


A realistic human face capped by a sweeping headdress extends forward from the abstract body. The generalized depictions of crouching legs, outspread wings, and notched fishtail may connote earth, sky, and sea.