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Jacob Sheep ( CollectA Farm)

Started by OkapiBoy, July 01, 2015, 07:28:48 PM

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Jacob Sheep from CollectA's 2015 lineup. This is one odd looking sheep for sure ;) I'm not sure if there are other figures of this sheep around, but this one is definitely the best.
The 4 horns that distinguish this breed from others is very well executed. It's a beautiful figure that will go nicely with my small farm collection. I love it that even in their domestic figure line, CollectA still produce some obscure/odd breeds.
Enjoy ^-^


Ah, excellent! :) While I'm not so much into figures of domestic animals, I'll probably make an exception here and get me one, too.


Wonderful figure. It is really nice that Collecta have done it  ^-^.
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