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Chiru or Tibetan Antelope ( CollectA Wildlife)

Started by OkapiBoy, June 14, 2015, 07:14:12 PM

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And now we have here one of the figures I was most excited about, CollectA's Chiru or Tibetan Antelope figures, new for 2015!
This unique antelope is endemic to the high alpine plains of Tibet and China. Fewer than 75,000 are left in the wild and poaching for their wool has seriously threatened the species survival in recent years.
Males are slightly larger than females, and have dark stripes on their leg and sports a slender horn, both of which the female lack.
CollectA's figure is obviously male, it would be awesome if one day, a female version will be release. This is yet another obscure species, and if I am not mistaken, the first ever figure of this species in toy form, and CollectA delivers.
The figure is beautifully sculpted, I especially love the way the fur is textured. Everything about this figure is delicate unlike say the other antelopes or deers that CollectA has in their line.
From my research, it looks like there are 1,000 very limited boxed edition of this figure produced to be released only in China. I think it was part of the educational/awareness campaign for the conservation and status of this species. The figure are the same, but the limited edition comes in a nice box and some photos and booklet. Unfortunately, the one I saw for sale, the asking price is $99!
Anyway, hope you enjoy this figure. It is definitely highly recommended for any collection. It is not often that some truly unique and obscure species, like this one, show itself in the market.
Now, let's hope that CollectA will also produce another highly endangered, obscure, antelope, the Saiga Antelope for 2016!


Oh, wow, finally the Chiru has been released! 8) Gorgeous figure, congrats OkapiBoy! :)


Lovely replica of this rare species  ^-^.
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