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Searching for Play Visions (PV)

Started by froggie, May 03, 2015, 02:24:30 PM

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although my collection nas nicely grown over the last years, I am still missing some of the rarer Play visions. Maybe someone here could help me? I am willing to buy (if necessary selling my house ;) ) or to trade (I have lots of great stuff, also rare items and other Play visions).
Please help a desperate collector!

Here is what I am looking for:
Sun Bear
Burrowing toad, Surinam Toad, corroborree toad
Woodboring beetle
common wasp or maybe a hornet (?), see picture, please
Soft Tick (chigger), Crab Louse, Deer Tick, Scabis (or mange) Mite
Indri, Potto, Aye-Aye, Sifaka, Ring-Tailed Lemur
Eogyrinus, Triadobatrachus, Platyhystrix, Crassigyrinus
Long-toed Salamander
Malayan Sea Snake, Timor Reef Sea Snake, Kakadu Sea Snake
Gaur, Axis Deer, Javan rhino, Asian Elephant, Dhole
Red Forest Buffalo, aardvark, pangolin, colobus monkey
Dobermann, Collie
Siamese Cat, Exotic Shorthair (and two other cats I don't know the species. If you have PV cats you want to trade/sell, just ask me, please)

I'd also like to get - but not very urgent, since I have some great PEC knock-offs - mammoth, Palorchestes

here are the pictures of the items from the list above - hope you can help me:

thanks for looking!



I am trying to send you a pm but it's stuck in my outbox. I have a Pv small standing grizzly bear for you. It's my only one and not an extra so I would like to trade it for both the Pv sitatunga and Pv Diana monkey. Please send me a pm on sts forum so we can arrange this possible trade.