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Polar Bear (Wild Safari - Sealife)

Started by Takama, April 09, 2015, 09:32:25 PM

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Ok Despite being a land animal, this figure is part of the Sea life collection.

This is my first Polar bear, and i must say it was a pain to photograph because of the white color. Everytime i try to picture it, it would come out to bright, and atteps to make it better just make things a lot darker.

The Following are the best photos i can muster for my figure. If anyone has better ones, feel free to post them here.


Beautiful replica. It is really similar to Papo figure  ^-^.
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The figure looks a lot better than I had expected.  :) It's always difficult to photograph a white animal figure on a white background with artificial light.


It is a lovely polar bear model. Here are some more shots of it, showing details of the underside (notice the pads on the feet) and the head. @brontodocus was right about the difficulty photographing white on white!