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Gaming videos featuring a stuffed dog in the webcam

Started by donvursti, April 05, 2015, 12:25:35 PM

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Hello there!
My name is Don Vursti. I'm a dog  who plays different videogames and make videos of them to youtube. Currently I'm playing a spooky game called Cry of Fear. It would be interesting to discuss if there are any more animals like me making videos to youtube. If you're interested then maybe you could take a look at my youtube channel:

and leave some feedback and tell how could I improve my videos.
Also happy Easter!

Edit by brontodocus: Link showing graphic violence in a videogame deleted.


Hi donvursti, please do not upload or link to videos of games showing explicit violence. This is a toy forum so at least part of our community are underage. And even adults may find it irritating. Therefore I had to delete the link from your post. Thanks for your understanding.