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Polar Bear, standing (Papo - Wild Animals)

Started by brontodocus, February 28, 2015, 01:46:23 PM

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Walk-around of the amazing Papo Wild Animals (or Wild Animal Kingdom as the series has been renamed) standing Polar Bear, Ursus maritimus Phipps, 1774; item No. 50172. Standing height is 130 mm and snout-vent length approx. 127 mm so the scale would be between approx. 1:14 and 1:19 for a female and between 1:19 and 1:23 for a male (and up to 1:26 for a record-size specimen). Human figure (from Accoutrements "Horrified B-Movie Victims") is approx. 1:22.5 scale. I also added a comparison photo with Papo's standing Grizzly Bear, Ursus arctos horribilis which has been featured in a walk-around by Helge (postsaurischian). The Walrus is by Safari Ltd Wild Safari Sealife and approx. 1:23 - 1:28 scale.

The Polar Bear is one of the most iconic polar animals and rivals the largest subspecies of its closest relative, the Brown Bear, Ursus arctos, in size - with both the Polar Bear and the Kodiak Bear, U. arctos middendorffi, often mentioned as the largest extant land carnivorans. Polar Bears are dependent on marine sea ice environments and their global population is in decline mainly due to climate change induced habitat loss. IUCN considers the species "Vulnerable" and estimates the species may become extinct throughout most of its range within 100 years if climatic trends continue.

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nice figure! The scared human is priceless. Interesting they had to sacrifice the right rear foot pads for marketing :).

oh and seeing the two species standing side-by-side...not to Safari...changing species means more than changing color (cough cough...Puma...cough) lol


Really beautiful figure as good as Safari WW.
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Papo standing Polar Bear walk-around photos are working again. :)