Baby Hammerhead Shark (Safari Ltd. - Incredible Creatures)

Started by brontodocus, December 29, 2012, 09:33:24 AM

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Who would have thought a hammerhead shark replica could look cute? ;D This is a walk-around of the Incredible Creatures Baby Hammerhead Shark, Sphyrna cf. mokarran (Rüppell, 1837). Length is 180 mm, so the scale approx. 1:3 - 1:4 for a newborn pup. Although the anteriomendian notch at the front of the cephalofoil is missing, the shape of the latter suggests that the figure was sculpted after S. mokarran instead of S. zygaena. Link to the figure at Safari Ltd. is here: http://safariltd.shptron.com/p/incredible-creatures%C2%AE-baby-hammerhead-shark

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Very nice figure, I like it. hammer head shark is one of my favorites sharks, I love sharks  ^-^.
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