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Rain Frog (Kaiyodo CapsuleQ Museum)

Started by stemturtle, January 24, 2015, 08:42:46 PM

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Common rain frog, Breviceps adspersus (Kaiyodo CapsuleQ Museum)

SVL is 1 3/16 inches or 30 mm. Average life size is 30 to 50 mm.
Figure is one of six from a set of frog and pouch good luck charms.
Nice to see another African species of frog. Brontodocus, my compliments to you on your skill at identification.


Oh, wow, so it's already available then? :o 8) Absolutely awesome and a must have for me! Thanks for showing this, stemturtle. While the others from the set didn't appear too naturalistic as far as I could see from the photo in the Kaiyodo thread, this one really stands out. And it is probably as cute as a frog can be. ^-^



Quote from: stargatedalek on January 24, 2015, 09:39:27 PM
what material is it made of?

The frogs are made of usual hard plastic by Kaiyodo. Each frog has a small pouch made of blue cloth.
Postsaurischian posted an image of this set. I bought my set on eBay.