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Latex draft horse (Equorum)

Started by rammleid, January 10, 2015, 08:02:39 PM

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Today I want to show you photos of my draft horse called Ymir and made by Equorum.

They are very detailed and made with silicone, so they are slightly poseable. The mane is made with natural fibers for a super-realistic look!

Sadly, Equorum is going through a rough patch and all those awesome 1/12 and 1/9 horses won't be produced again unless more customers decide to support these models.

This horse is about 23cm tall from hoof to highest point (about 1:9 scale). You can see him near to a Schleich mare:

Here is a size comparison with other Equorum models:


Wow, truly amazing! :) While I don't collect horses I appreciate the wonderfully detailed muscles and the excellent paintwork. And your photography matches this high quality standard, too, rammleid! 8)


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