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Humphead Wrasse (Kaiyodo - Aquatales Polyresin)

Started by brontodocus, December 30, 2014, 11:12:20 AM

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Here is the walk-around of the Kaiyodo Aquatales Polyresin Aquatic animal figure collection Series 1 No. 003 Humphead Wrasse or Napoleon Fish, Cheilinus undulatus Rüppell, 1835. This largest known wrasse (Labridae) may grow to 2.29 m total length (TL, i.e.: including the caudal fin) and weigh as much as 191 Kg. The population of this popular species is in decline due to overfishing and it is considered "Endangered" by IUCN. The figure measures 69 mm standard length (SL, i.e. without caudal fin) and 83 mm total length (TL), so the scale for the adult would be between 1:8 and 1:33. The human figure is approx. 1:32 - 1:35 scale (diver from Safari Ltd Coral Reef Toob). The Aquatales Humphead Wrasse hase a nice but by no means perfect paint job, especially the large scales along the body are rather arbitrarily painted and the whitish rear margin of the caudal fin is a little too abrupt and sloppily applied. The colouration looks much better on e.g. the Kitan Club Nature Techni Colour Ocean 1 and Aquameridian Part 1 figures.

Here is a comparison of four Humphead Wrasse figures. From left to right: Kitan Club Nature Techni Colour Ocean 1, Kaiyodo Aquatales Polyresin Series 1 No. 003, Colorata Nature's Library Coral Reef Fish box, Aquameridian Part 1.

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