Softshell Turtle (Safari Ltd. - Incredible Creatures)

Started by brontodocus, December 28, 2012, 05:45:06 PM

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The Incredible Creatures line includes surprisingly many large-sized turtle replicas. One of my favourites is the one featured in this walk-around, the (Spiny) Softshell Turtle, Apalone spinifera (Lesueur, 1827). It has a total length of approx. 226 mm with a 118 mm long carapace, so the scale is between approx. 1:2 and 1:4. Here it is at Safari's website: http://safariltd.shptron.com/p/incredible-creatures%C2%AE-soft-shell-turtle

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Thanks for share these images. I think that he is a perfect vesión of this animal. If you put this animal in a terrarium, the people will think that he is alive  8).
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You're welcome, Jetoar! :) But, well, if you put your hand inside the terrarium the difference is obvious: All fingers are still there! :o ;D


Watch your fingers... images of IC Softshell Turtle are back. :)