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Giraffe (Revell - X-ray Anatomy Model by Famemaster)

Started by brontodocus, December 16, 2014, 11:31:50 AM

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Something a little different this time because it's one part animal figure and one part sort of educational anatomy model that can be disassembled...
Here is the Revell X-ray Anatomy Model Giraffe, Giraffa camelopardalis (Linnaeus, 1758). It is a snap together kit that has to be assembled but there's neither scissors nor glue nor any other tools required and assembly of the few parts takes just minutes. The assembled giraffe has an impressive size, without its base it's 360 mm tall, even more than the already huge Safari Ltd Vanishing Wild male Reticulated Giraffe. This would put the model at a scale of approx. 1:12 to 1:16. The box says 1:16 which would come close to world record size (360 mm * 16 = 5.76 m) but is indeed within the species' recorded size range. The paint job is okay but nothing spectacular. Seen from the right side we see no hint that this is an anatomy model, all cutaway parts are on the left side. The cutaway parts are covered by a clear plastic "skin" and I guess it's even possible to convert this into a regular giraffe model if someone attempted to repaint it. The clear plastic can be removed as well as some of the internal organs - e.g. the heart can only be seen when the left lung is taken out. Like some other anatomy models this one is distributed by Revell but originally it's made by Famemaster/4d Master. This doesn't seem unusual since Famemaster cutaway models are also distributed by Aoshima and a handful of other companies. Safari Ltd Vanishing Wild male Reticulated Giraffe is approx. 1:13 - 1:18 scale and human figure is approx. 1:16 - 1:18 scale. While there may still be some 80,000 individuals in the wild the allover Giraffe population is decreasing and the species has vanished from large parts of its original range. See the distribution map on the backside of the box which is pretty accurate. However, IUCN still lists the Giraffe as "Least Concern".


Box opened:

The model itself:

Thorax with removable organs:

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Lovely replica. I have the Mammoth and the Snaill of this brand and I am looking for the Great Whithe Shark  ^-^.
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Quote from: Jetoar on December 16, 2014, 12:09:33 PM
Lovely replica. I have the Mammoth and the Snaill of this brand and I am looking for the Great Whithe Shark  ^-^.
Thanks, Jetoar! :) I have the Mammoth, too, and the Great White (among others) which is one of my favourites.


Revell X-Ray / Famemaster Giraffe anatomy model photos are working again! :)