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Hi! My name is Alice, aka GiselleGazelle.

Started by GiselleGazelle, November 24, 2014, 09:59:28 PM

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I'm from the Dinosaur Toy Forum, where I'm known as Raptoress. But now I've come to join the Animal Toy Forum as well. My favourite extant animals are canids, antelopes and horses. I've collected Breyer model horses for a few years now and I'm now getting into Schleich, Papo, Safari and CollectA, although I used to collect AAA as a kid, I've grown out of that brand now. I look forward to meeting everyone on the forum and showing people my first model animals soon! Any suggestions on what Schleich to get? I was thinking of a rhinoceros of some kind, since I adore rhinos! Or maybe an antelope or cervid of some kind. :) I'm really excited to get into this new hobby!



Nice to see you decided to join Miss Holt :)

I have some Schelich, but most of the best items are retired or retiring.   However, they will release a Rhino Next year. (Check the New for 2015 Thread)

Here are some of my Recommendations

Peacock 2012, Lioness 2007(Retired), Badger(Retired), Greylag Goose (Retired), Pug male, Chipmunk, Arctic Fox, Roe Buck (Retired), Swimming Drake, four toed hedgehog(retired), 2012 Panda


If you are into antelopes, Mojo and CollectA have probably the best variety and excellent sculpts.



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Thank you for the lovely warm welcome, everyone! ^^ And nice reccomendations, I really like CollectA's antelopes and Mojo's as well. But unfortunately I live in the UK and their antelope figures are scarce.  :( The good thing is I'm traveling to America in a few months time, so I can pick up a ton of new models whilst I'm there.

I really like that Arctic fox, Mr. Morris. :) I'll definitely be adding that little cutie to my collection, as well as the kit that matches with it. The others are really nice too, especially the roe buck.