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Iriomote Cat (Kaiyodo animatales)

Started by Ana, November 13, 2014, 12:43:21 PM

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Hi friends!
I decided to make walk around of my recent addition: Iriomote cat (Prionailurus bengalensis iriomotensis) made by Kaiyodo in 2014.
The figure is made of typical Kaiyodo hard and quite brittle plastic (compared to let's say Schleich plastic). As often with Kaiyodo it is puzzle figure so it comes in parts which need to be assembled at home. Though the lines are not very visible when it's done. The dimensions are: L 62mm ; H 36 millimetres; W 17 mm. So scale is around 1:11 - 1:12 (adult Iriomote cat is about 60 cm long excluding tail) 

More info about Iriomote cats can be found on wikipedia:

Comparison with other Kaiyodo Iriomote cat, the one from Natural Monuments of Japan.

And comparison with Papo tigress.

I must say I really like this figure, it has lovely detail and pose and I think it's very accurate. Also I love the species choice. I wish Kaiyodo would produce whole line of small wild cats from many places around the world.


 :D Absolutely cute & beautiful cat!
I love the colours, pose and gesture.
I'm glad to have one too ^-^.


I bet it's looking up to keep a watchful eye on the hawk that came in the same set  ;D


Thank you for so nice comments! I'm glad you like this cat as much as I do :D
I didn't get the hawk though. I will look for it :)


That's a very fine and intricately detailed figure. :) I'm happy to have one, too (I bought the entire set) and it's my first representation of an Iriomote Cat since I only have very few NMoJ figures.


Lovely little figure. I had it once, but now I seem to have lost it :(


Thank you for very nice comments Okapi Boy and Brontodocus :D


Really beautiful figure of this rare specie  ^-^.
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