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Hi there!

Started by Rousettus, November 04, 2014, 06:47:58 AM

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Hi! I've had an account for a while but I am kinda shy really and I wanted to get my collection at least slightly less meager before I said anything xP My main collection interest is bats, I love them! I love them so much I intend on working with the living ones as soon as I finish school. I don't have many animals I don't love though, so I definitely end up with a few others as well when I love the design enough, however I really do try to stick to bats. My collection still isn't too impressive yet, but I will try to get some pictures soon. Anyway, all I can think of to say for now and I don't want to end up rambling. Hopefully I can add to some discussions soon! (:



Hi Rousettus, welcome to the Animal Toy Forum! :) There is really no reason to be intimidated by other collectors' collections - many of us who have larger collections tend to acquire more than necessary or reasonable and everybody has her or his own different approach in collecting. Some collect only domestic horses while others focus on large, terrestrial mammals (the typical wildlife), others are interested in sealife, obscure animals, or invertebrates. Being focused on bats is a brilliant idea although there are still more rather bad or too generic bat figures than good ones on the market but we've also seen some really brilliant ones in recent years. :)



Welcome to ATF friend  ^-^.
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